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The solar panel comes mounted to the dome on a bracket that tilts and rotates to maximize sun exposure. As a totally solar-powered solution, it's also environmentally friendly.

SolarCool collects energy directly from the sun throughout the day and converts it into electricity. This "free" energy powers a high efficiency, 24-volt DC motor inside the attic vent to provide non-stop ventilation from sunrise, to sunset, when it's needed most.

Qualifies for Energy Tax CreditSolarCool does not require any wiring or electrical hook-up. Initial installation costs are the homeowner's final costs! It's fast, efficient and affordable.

The solar panel is on a bracket, allowing it to be tilted or rotated to the south or west for maximum sun exposure and optimal energy collection. And, because it's a single unit, it's easier to install.

No electrical hook-up needed
Solar panel mounts directly to dome
Up to 800 CFM for attics up to 1,200 square feet
Low-profile, rust resistant, galvanized steel dome
5-year limited warranty and 2-year Replacement Plus™ protection

Benefits of a SolarCool Attic Vent:

It operates during the day under direct sunlight when your attic requires more air movement.
Unlike most electric power vents that are regulated by a thermostat, the SolarCool Attic Vent works continuously from sunrise to sunset, under direct sunlight, keeping the attic ventilated all day long instead of waiting for the attic to get overheated.

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